Lorenzo Maria Vircillo

Vircillo - Made in Italy
An Ode To Fashion Powers


Powers to Fashion

I love Fabrics .Cloth pure and original, raw and whole, as material opposed to thought. Worked by wise hands; or transformed by sophisticated technologies.
I love Cady, this humble, trustable attendant, and around-the-clock performer in any decent Fashion House.
There used to be a time when Couturiers included fair least dozens of cadys per collection as a norm, in wide arrays of weights and compounds chasing perfection around a twist.How sweet it is to forget, alas.
That heyday has may be passed, but some alike wisdom is here to stay.
It can’t get to spell the unspeakable magic of pristine canvas on dumb dummies, coming with their true colors and sweet white lies.
The X-factor is outmost thrill of what’s intoxicating to this game, though.
All in all, “The Devil is in the details” ‘s the to-go for mantra in modern day’s creative process.
Fun fact -the above quoted- from a non Fashion Designer.

``A Good Heart 'Is Worth Gold``

(W. Shakespeare)

In times of pervasive Generative AI Tools, promising bigger brains are going to be out there. Are we also caring for bigger hearts, though ?


Was born and grew up in the same city as Gianni Versace, Reggio di Calabria.

By curious coincidence, his father, Domenico Vircillo, Philosopher, Essayist (Mondadori, Rubettino editions), and Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Messina, at the beginning of his teaching career in high schools, had among his brightest students the great Gianni. In fact, Lorenzo’s older brothers still remember the brilliant boy visiting his professor’s home.

It is that special area of the Strait of Messina, already then cited by the epic poems of Homer and Virgil with monsters and myths. The area subject to the optical phenomena of the Fata Morgana, homed beneath The Etna God Volcano -one among the world’s most active indeed- to perform the superior mirage named after the Queen in question Morgan Le Fay, that has any other day hopelessly magnetized his imagery.

He soon felt an innate passion for fashion developed from an early age, and having completed his studies in scientific areas he travelled to study the main European languages, then back to Milan to learn the basics of tailoring, along with the rudiments of artistic anatomy and figures directly from Fernando Colon, Fashion Designer as well as comprehensive Artist who has a privileged relationship including personal collaboration with the great Antonio Lopez in New York.

It is an experience that will mark the modus operandi of his creative process from the very beginning.

He continued to make Fashion Illustration with first experiments in style studies becoming involved in collaborations for the Italian rtw brands like Max Mara for cashmere accessories.

Since then he has always designed dna branding and runways coverage at a global scale in both all-categories womenswear and menswear for Luxury Brands Ports 1961, Versace Jeans Couture, Just Cavalli,Alcantara,Mila Schon, Aigner,Itochu Fashion System, Miroglio Group.

With Giancesare Conca in 2010 he set up a consultancy office based in Milan and continued to undertake numerous collaborations with leading companies across the globe, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain, US, Russia,Japan, China;while unlocking bespoke offering for demanding clientele.